FuninVR Impresses at IAAPA Expo Asia 2024 in Thailand

The three-day IAAPA Expo Asia in Bangkok came to a close, during which the crowd in front of the FuninVR booth was incessant, and the displayed VR arcade machines captured the attention and received high praise from numerous attendees. From May 28 to 30, FuninVR showcased two top-notch VR devices: VR Battleship and 360° VR Simulator.

Both the VR Battleship and 360° VR Simulator received unanimous acclaim from the players. Visitors lined up to experience these VR rides, immersing themselves in the virtual world and thoroughly enjoying the experience. They were highly satisfied with the devices, describing them as extremely fun, creative, and memorable.

The VR Battleship, resembling a cute panda in appearance, was particularly popular among children. This device features dual seats suitable for parents and children, couples, or friends to experience together. With advanced smart controllers and various special effects, the experience is dynamic and immersive. Moreover, it offers a variety of themed games to provide players with a rich and enjoyable experience.

The 360° VR Simulator is a VR gaming machine that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing players to experience the exhilaration of a roller coaster ride indoors. With its cool and eye-catching design, it can attract more foot traffic to stores. Besides, equipped with a variety of original premium content, the device offers a wildly thrilling rotating experience that challenges your limits and engages multiple senses.

In addition to showcasing products, the FuninVR team actively interacted with attendees, answering their questions and listening to their feedback. This expo provided an excellent opportunity for FuninVR to deepen connections with existing and potential customers. By presenting the latest products and technology, our company demonstrated the sensitivity to customer needs and the relentless pursuit of quality. This direct interaction not only strengthened the trust and loyalty of existing customers but also attracted more new customers to the company.

FuninVR sincerely thanks friends from around the world for their support and trust, and looks forward to seeing you again at the next exhibition!