The 7th Session of the FuninVR Operational Training has Successfully Come to an End

The course, founded on the principles of openness, sharing, growth, and win-win, maintains a close watch on the evolving industry trends (Virtual Reality) and regularly imparts operational training. The course content caters to the complex challenges experienced in offline operations, assisting operators in creating and maintaining profitable stores, and replicating successful models to ensure sustained profits.

The three-day training program, hosted by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan from November 7th to 9th, successfully concluded with almost 60 enthusiastic students from across the nation congregating to learn and prosper. Six experienced mentors and popular franchisees shared their knowledge on pertinent topics such as team building, project construction, membership systems, online group purchases, marketing systems, and other course highlights and latest trends.

What’s more, the students were highly engaged throughout the entire program, maintaining an impressive enthusiasm level, participating actively in the classes, answering questions, and interacting with the mentors. This led to a fantastic exchange of ideas, resulting in innovative operational strategies.

Honestly speaking, learning is critical, but acquiring the knowledge to summarize past experiences, current situations, and learning achievements is equally important. This will allow for better tapping of the brand’s strengths, exploring its growth potential, and finding future developmental directions of VR business.

As we all know: “The road ahead is long, but we will get there; persistence leads to success.” The 7th FuninVR Operational Training concluded amidst joy and laughter, signifying the beginning of another adventure.

We encourage everyone to utilize the knowledge that they have gained and apply it to their practical VR experience store operations, augmenting the brand’s core competitiveness, and generating sustained, efficient profitability. Until we meet again at the next operational training, keep up the fantastic work!