Exciting VR Gaming Available at Indian Retail Supercenters

Recently, a client from India has chosen FuninVR as the primary VR equipment supplier for their chain of several large supermarket amusement areas. They have already purchased over 20 VR simulators including popular products like VR Magic UFO, VR Racing Moto, and VR Fighter Aircraft, distributing them across 5 different locations.

These supermarket amusement areas offer a variety of entertainment facilities ranging from arcade machines to medium-sized amusement rides, allowing customers to enjoy more fun alongside their shopping experience. By introducing FuninVR’s VR machines, these supermarkets aim to provide customers with immersive virtual reality experiences.

The diverse range of VR devices covers several popular themes such as space battles, motorcycle racing, and futuristic sci-fi, offering visitors a wide array of entertainment options. Positioned within the amusement areas of 5 supermarkets, these 9D VR simulators are geared towards delivering the latest and most cutting-edge entertainment experiences. The modernization of these supermarket amusement areas is expected to attract more customers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

In the future, with continuous innovation and development in VR technology, these supermarket amusement areas are poised to become popular destinations for local customers, injecting new vitality and appeal into India’s supermarket industry. They also represent new applications for virtual reality technology in the entertainment sector in India.

As VR game machines become more widespread and utilized globally, India’s supermarket industry, characterized by rapid economic growth and increasingly diverse consumer demands, is increasingly prioritizing the application of advanced technology to enhance customer experiences. As a leading supplier in the industry in China, FuninVR not only offers a diverse selection of products but also focuses on providing customized solutions and ongoing technical support to our clients. If you are interested in VR projects, please feel free to contact us anytime for more information.