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VR Theme Park Equipment FPS Arena Shooting Game Simulator

A classic popular VR shooting game machine with wide market acceptance and billions of fans.

Merits of This VR Game Equipment

This VR simulator has a strong sense of immersion, divided into blue and red areas. You can team up with friends to fight online, and the breathing sensor light changes colors based on the character’s health in the game. Besides, it is easy to operate, which has multiple special effects such as hip and back vibration. In addition, it is equiped with various exclusive games that have high replayability and strong stickiness. Though the open space is large, with a wide and immersive experience area, it takes up a small space and has low investment cost as well as a quick return on investment.

Detailed Specification

Technical Parameters
Item Value
Product Size 2.01*2.71*2.52m
Helmet PICO Neo3
Weight 278kg
Rated Load 400kg
Players 2
Number of Games VR99 + 1Fun-coin
Measured Power 0.75kw
we are one of brands of Zhuoyuan company, and it is the designated equipment supplier of the CCTV film base. We are a high-tech company that integrates R & D, original content production, VR products, and VR store operations.Strength14,000 square meters ISO9001 Modern standard production center.

*3,000 square meters research and development center.

*Over 40 senior technicians who have served for Sany Heavy Industry andChina Telecom.
*More than 100 national intellectual property patents and certifications.
*20 years professional production experience.
*Has established in-depth cooperation with Intel, HTC and other 106 world-renowned VR companies.
*First-class VR products are widely used in entertainment, children’s education and science popularization.

Innovative Research & Development Team

A complete R&D system with 35 team members, including software engineers, appearance designers, structural engineers, etc. Covering everything from appearance design, software development and hardware control to provision of game and film content, we have gained 46 relevant patents, such as self-developed software playback systems.

With a wealth of R&D experience in understanding product characteristics, we strive to make state-of-the-art products for your business.

Technical & Customer Service Team

Providing consultation, quotation and market suggestions without hassle, our customer service provides 24 hours online service to solve your concerns and help you start your business in an efficient way.

Together with assisting in installation, maintenance and guidance services to make your business work smoothly, the team consists of more than 20 technicians working on online support to customers in more than 300 countries and regions around the world.


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