FuninVR Showcased Latest VR Devices at 2023 IAAPA Expo Europe in Austria

FuninVR recently concluded its exhibition at IAAPA Expo Europe in Austria from September 26th to 28th, 2023. The event was a great success for us, with many existing clients placing orders on-site, which undoubtedly reflects the recognition of our VR products.

We are renowned for its technological innovation and pursuit of exceptional player experiences. At the expo, we showcased several exhilarating VR simulators that garnered significant interest and awe from a large number of attendees.

One of the most closely watched products was our VR Racing Moto. This device provides players with a feeling of being on the race track, offering a fully immersive experience of speed and exhilaration when wearing the VR helmet. Advanced simulation technology and lifelike graphics make the entire gaming experience more realistic and thrilling.

Additionally, FuninVR showcased the VR Marines, which plunges participants into thrilling gunfights. This device allows for multiplayer interaction via online connectivity, enabling unrestricted competitive battles. With a 360-degree floating rotation and easy leg control for directional movement, players can experience a genuine sense of freedom and combat.

Furthermore, another amusement park ride, the 360°VR Simulator presented at the expo proved to be immensely popular, with many attendees queuing up to experience the device. This device creates a realistic virtual world through comprehensive visual and auditory immersion. Besides, featuring a variety of original and high-quality content, the simulator offers intense spinning experiences that challenge your limits and engage multiple senses.

There is no doubt that FuninVR’s presence not only attracted significant attention from attendees but also earned high praise within the industry. And visitors expressed their deeper understanding of the potential of virtual reality through their participation in FuninVR’s showcase. With continuous technological advancements, we believe that FuninVR will continue to deliver thrilling virtual reality experiences, providing endless enjoyment and surprises for visitors.