Bigscreen Beyond PC VR Headset Begins Shipping in the US

Bigscreen has commenced shipping its latest VR headset, Beyond, within the United States. Revealed earlier this year, Beyond is a remarkable PC VR headset, developed by the same team responsible for the popular Bigscreen Beta Virtual Reality app. With a price tag of $1,000, this tethered headset is particularly enticing for individuals already immersed in the Valve SteamVR hardware ecosystem, as it boasts a sleek and lightweight design, enhanced by the inclusion of pancake lenses and micro-OLEDs.

The shipping of Beyond has already commenced in the United States, and it is anticipated that international shipments will begin in the latter part of the fourth quarter. Bigscreen has experienced an unexpectedly high demand for the headset since its launch in February, resulting in a substantial number of units to be built. To meet this demand, the company has expanded its production capabilities over the past few months and plans to ship tens of thousands of units in the upcoming months.

In order to facilitate this growth, Bigscreen is actively recruiting additional engineering and production staff for its factory in Los Angeles. Furthermore, it is holding discussions with manufacturing partners in China to ensure a smooth production process. The company also has ambitious plans for international expansion. Aside from accepting preorders from customers in the US, UK, most of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, Bigscreen will soon extend preorders to additional countries including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The company is also exploring potential sales with the VR equipment in South Korea, Israel, and other undisclosed markets.

For more detailed insights into the Beyond headset, including its display clarity, brightness, custom ergonomics, and next-generation form-factor, refer to our comprehensive hands-on review conducted in March.