8 New VR Game Machines at the 2024 Asia Amusement and Attractions (AAA) Expo

FuninVR participated in the 2024 Asia Amusement and Attractions (AAA) Expo from May 10th to 12th and launched 8 new amusemnt park rides at this exhibition. Our booth covered an area of 400 square meters and attracted the attention of numerous visitors. A continuous stream of people lined up in front of the booth to experience our devices, demonstrating the popularity of the VR simulators and 7D cinema.

At the AAA Expo, FuninVR showcased our technological innovation and product diversification strength, capturing the gaze of many attendees. The 8 new amusement equipment displayed at the booth include various types of virtual reality experiences, ranging from adventure games to simulation experiences, from sports competitions to educational applications, catering to players of different ages and interests.

Dome Theater: Ball screen wrap, reshaping simulated and realistic flight experience.

360° Rotate Theater: Flying and diving, 7D naked-eye viewing of world wonders.

VR Battle: Shuttle battlefield, immersive shooting game experience.

VR Spacewalker: Competitive omnidirectional cycling device, cycling and shooting while competing with teammates.

360° Double Flight VR: Double seats enjoying unlimited fun, more exciting pitch and roll.

VR Drift Racing: Original drifting special effects, realistic simulation of the thrill of drifting in racing.

VR Drop Tower 2 Seats: Double jump, realistic simulation of the weightless feeling of a roller coaster, continuous screaming.

NBA BOX: NBA official authorization, try shooting 3-pointers, experience the fun of playing basketball in VR.

This exhibition brought many business opportunities to FuninVR, with many customers seizing the favorable chance to enthusiastically place orders for 9d virtual reality simulators on the spot. This fully demonstrates their recognition and trust in FuninVR products, motivating the FuninVR team to continuously innovate and bring users more high-quality and diversified virtual reality experiences.

The exhibition has ended, and FuninVR once again thanks all our new and old customers for their support and trust, as they have become important driving forces on the brand’s development path. FuninVR will continue to work hard, constantly improve product quality and user experience, bring more exciting and stunning virtual reality games to users, and fulfill the mission of allowing every player to enjoy the fun and experience brought by VR technology.