FuninVR Showcases Latest Innovations at the 135th Canton Fair

From April 15th to 19th, 2024, FuninVR achieved impressive results at the Canton Fair. With its eye-catching performance, the FuninVR booth became the most popular attraction at this exhibition.

During this exhibition, FuninVR showcased two new VR game simulators, including 360°Double Flight VR and VR Drift Racing. The 360°Double Flight VR, capable of significant flipping, delivered multiple sensory stimulations, rightfully earning its status as a crowd-pulling sensation. VR Drift Racing featured immersive drifting racing equipment with professional-grade simulated racing cockpits, offering unprecedented control sensations that left players screaming with excitement.

During the expo, the FuninVR booth attracted a large number of domestic and international buyers to play our VR rides. Screams and the sound of smartphone shutters echoed continuously, creating a bustling scene in front of the booth. Over a dozen media outlets swarmed the booth, conducting in-depth interviews with company executives. Even authoritative media like CCTV were no exception, providing special coverage of the FuninVR booth, showcasing its leadership position and hardcore capabilities in the VR industry.

Moreover, the FuninVR booth demonstrated the powerful force of “Made in China” to global buyers. The booth not only showcased products but also demonstrated an innovative spirit and technological prowess. Throughout the five-day exhibition period, the booth saw a continuous flow of people, attracting numerous buyers interested in VR technology to inquire about professional techniques and design solutions. Additionally, many foreign buyers visited the factory in Guangzhou Zhuoyuan New Industrial Park to experience more VR arcade machines, further proving FuninVR’s leading position in the Chinese VR industry.

In the face of the rapid development of the global VR market, Zhuoyuan will continue to deepen its involvement in the VR field, actively deploying industrial innovation to assist China’s manufacturing transition towards “Intelligent Manufacturing in China.” Zhuoyuan firmly believes that through continuous innovation and technological progress, China’s new quality productivity will become even more prominent, demonstrating the formidable power of China’s advanced technology.

In a word, FuninVR’s outstanding performance at the Canton Fair not only showcased the strength of the Chinese VR industry but also demonstrated the remarkable achievements of “Made in China” to the world, allowing the world to witness the rise and innovative power of China’s manufacturing industry.