FuninVR at the China International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE) 2024

The China International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE) was successfully held in Beijing from March 20th to 22nd, 2024! More than 600 cultural and tourism service providers and amusement equipment manufacturers from the global cultural tourism industry chain brought their cutting-edge technologies, attracting over 100,000 professional buyers from more than 40 countries and regions to visit and make purchases.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd., as an important partner of CAAPA, participated in the exhibition. The exhibition site was carefully arranged with various amusement equipment, complemented by unique lighting designs, which were very cool!

As a benchmark in the domestic VR industry, Zhuoyuan currently covers multiple fields including VR entertainment, VR popular science, VR e-sports, and VR cultural tourism destinations. This time, we brought hot VR arcade machines such as the FPS Arena, VR Magic UFO, VR Hoverboard, VR Fighter Aircraft, VR Drop Tower, and 360°Double Flight VR! On the opening day, our booth received widespread attention, with a continuous stream of players coming to experience the new VR technology of the FuninVR!

Popular New Product – Magic FPS Arena

Making its debut, it immediately caught the eye of all visitors. With stunning appearance design, real-time combat, and full-range walking function, it makes the shooting experience more realistic and satisfying!

Best Seller – VR Magic UFO

A VR entertainment device that allows up to 5 people to experience it simultaneously. With a sci-fi cool flying saucer, 360° unlimited excitement in spinning flight, it triggers exciting moments of screams!

Eye-catching Representative – VR Hoverboard

Let’s explore a new world together! It achieves forward, backward, and 360° all-directional turning, and players can enjoy exploring in the world of virtual and reality combined!

Thrilling Device – VR Drop Tower

The VR version of a free fall ride, with super-realistic simulated real-world gaming experience, 1.5-meter safety lifting and dropping, immersing players in a strong sense of weightlessness!

Super New Arrival – 360°Double Flight VR

With a wide range of free rotation, stimulating multiple sensory organs, shooting interaction + various special effects, doubling the joy!

Must-have VR Rides – VR Fighter Aircraft

Highly restored J-20 stealth fighter, with a dark gray camouflage realistic appearance, exquisite polished fiberglass material, capable of achieving multiple degrees of freedom movement trajectories, and simulating various driving scenes, super realistic and immersive!

Corporate Representative Talks About the Future

On March 21st, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the “2024 China Immersive Entertainment and Cultural Tourism Digital Technology Innovation Development Forum.” The company’s director, Yang Lianxia, delivered a keynote speech at the conference, showcasing Zhuoyuan’s strong brand comprehensive strength to the audience and expressing visions and viewpoints on the future integration of Virtual Reality and cultural tourism development.

In recent years, the China International Amusement Equipment Expo has witnessed rapid growth in product categories, accelerated expansion of application scenarios, continued enrichment of cultural connotations, and continuous improvement of technological content, making it an important window to showcase the market competitiveness and brand influence of Chinese cultural and tourism equipment enterprises and cultural creative enterprises.