Exploring the Thriving VR Game Machines in Vietnam

FuninVR has a longtime client from Vietnam who plans to combine seaside scenery with endless fun, creating a paradise for children by opening a large amusement park at a seaside resort. The amusement park covers an area of 700 square meters, with the VR area occupying about 140 square meters, becoming a major highlight of the entire park.

The Vietnamese client is full of praise for FuninVR’s equipment, deeply appreciating its quality and experience. In order to provide visitors with the latest and most thrilling virtual reality experiences, he has ordered a large number of various VR arcade machines, including VR Magic UFO, VR Battleship, VR Drop Tower, VR Racing Moto, Snipe Warrior, 360°VR Simulator, 3 Screen Racing Car, and VR Interstellar. The addition of these devices injects new vitality and charm into the amusement park, attracting countless visitors to experience them.

In this enchanting seaside scenery, visitors can freely roam the children’s play fort, challenge various arcade games, and experience the immersive wonders brought by VR simulators. From driving race cars to navigating space, from underwater adventures to battling virtual enemies, every activity is full of excitement and fun, keeping people coming back for more.

The opening of the amusement park not only brings a new tourist attraction to the local area but also injects new vitality into the local economy. In this vibrant and passionate large-scale amusement park, people can unleash themselves, experiencing unprecedented fun and excitement. It is not only an entertainment venue but also a place for people to rediscover the beauty of life, forget their worries, and enjoy the present moment. It can be seen that adding VR rides to the amusement park is a promising project.

Last but not least, if you are also interested in the VR business, please feel free to contact FuninVR at any time for more information.