Looking for Exciting Amusement Park Rides in Morocco

One of our clients from Morocco has ordered a series of innovative VR simulators from FuninVR, including the Star Twin Seat VR, VR Magic UFO, VR Drop Tower, FPS Arena, VR Treadmill, VR Fighter Aircraft, VR Racing Moto, 3 Screen Racing Car, and AR Happy Ball, to be installed in their amusement park.

These amusement equipment are not just technological marvels but also magical tools that attract visitors and increase the popularity of the amusement park. Whether it’s the immersive dual-seat VR experience, the magical UFO journey, or the thrilling virtual drop tower and shooting arena, each one leaves visitors captivated, experiencing unprecedented joy and excitement.

In particular, the VR Treadmill and VR Fighter Aircraft make players feel like they are in a real-life scenario, racing alongside aircraft or cars. And the 3 Screen Racing Car takes car simulation to new heights, providing players with the ultimate driving experience.

Name VR Treadmill
Player 1
Rated Load 100 kg
Measured Power 2.3 kw
Number of Games 7 Fun-coin games
Product Size 1415*1724*1858 mm
Technical Presentation PICO Neo3

Furthermore, AR Happy Ball, as a representative of augmented reality, blends reality and virtuality in perfect balance, allowing children to enjoy endless fun through interaction.

This amusement park has been revitalized by introducing FuninVR’s VR devices, providing more entertainment options and becoming a popular for local residents. This innovative fusion of technology and entertainment injects new vitality and momentum into the entertainment industry, heralding a future where amusement parks will be more diverse, stimulating, and interactive. In the future, VR game machines will continue to play a leading role in the integration of technology and entertainment, bringing more surprises and joy to visitors.