9d Virtual Reality Simulator VR Theme Park In India

What hot news in india said

One of our Indian customers /has opened a grand VR experience theme park that has made headlines in the local news.

This FuninVR experience park is located in Palakkad district, kerala, India, covering an area of 60 square meters

This new way of entertainment has attracted wide attention from the local media, and many media have reported this VR theme park.

Not only because of its luxury and high-tech decoration, the 3D design provided by FuninVR has been fully restored, but also it is equipped with 5 very popular FuninVR machines,

Gatling VR simulator (sold out)  360°VR SimulatorVR Racing MotoVR Racing KartVR Cinema.

Provides players with a realistic and exciting virtual reality experience.

In here, players sit on a variety of sci-fi VR equipment. They can indulge themselves into the game world, fly into the sky and swim into the sea, experience weightless roller coasters, and other extreme sports, and even shoot dinosaurs and monsters, both exciting and fun! Our customer said it attracts a massive crowd and also brings in good profits on every weekend.

Now, the project to bring him benefits also confirmed his original choice is right! Besides, he is also very satisfied with our professional and fast after-sales services, and continuously game updates. We will keep providing him the greatest help in this business!

Let’s look forward to the flourishing development of VR entertainment in Indian market! If you want to start a VR business, welcome to contact us!