What are black holes in the VR Masterpiece like

Black Hole Multiverse

Black holes have always been considered the most incredible existence in the universe. They are mysterious and dangerous. Not only cannot they be directly observed, but all matter and energy (including light) that approach them will be swallowed by them.

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Cosmologist Hawking believes that it is possible to go to another universe through a black hole. So, what exactly do black holes look like? Can it really go to another universe through it?

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▶ Funinvr, take you to explore the mysterious black hole ◀

Smooth and delicate motion picture

Luxury special effects of the same style as Hollywood

2023Funinvr’s fifth god-level VR masterpiece

“Black Hole Multiverse”

Surprise debut on May 22

Activate the blood factor of science fiction fans

 Game introduction  

Game name: Black Hole Multiverse

Game Type: Doomsday Journey

Adventure index: ★★★★★

Game Time: 4’01”

Game introduction: A sudden meteor shower allows us to discover the strangeness of the universe. Through the scattered and floating meteorite piles, a deep black hole appears in front of us. In order to rebuild our home, we decided to enter the black hole to explore the truth of the universe. The seemingly peaceful universe turned out to be full of crises and flames of war everywhere. We fled desperately, thinking that we had escaped death, but actually entered another danger. Danger after ring, space after space, what is the universe like? Will we be able to escape?

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Multiple universes overlap and present, thrilling and immersive experience

Three major game scenes appear alternately

The details of each scene are carefully polished

Ups and downs of the plot, clear and smooth picture

Immersive exploration of the ever-changing black hole space

Ⅰ Battle Damaged Universe

Large and small meteorites floating in the air, broken machines scattered everywhere, it seems that there has just been an explosion here. Suddenly, we were attacked, and the mechanical soldiers who were chasing after us made us run around, and finally saw a dazzling circle of light in front of us. , as long as we avoid the attack of the mecha above and pass through the aperture, we will be saved…

Are you really saved?

Ⅱ Deep Ocean Universe

The quiet underwater world suddenly went berserk due to the arrival of intruders. The tentacles growing everywhere hit the spaceship with all their strength. The narrow passage made the spaceship difficult to drive. But retreat, are we going to die here?

Ⅲ Cyberverse

Surrounding the cyberspace, there are flames of war everywhere. The dexterous mechanical grippers and the lasers shooting around finally found the exit.

Scattered meteorites, fighting mechas, we seem to be back to the original point…

Meticulously polished and crafted

Luxurious special effects comparable to Hollywood

Details are smooth and clearly visible

Full sense of substitution

Let you be in the shock of the black hole and can’t extricate yourself


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