Disney Joint Hot VR Game Aladdin released

Hollywood’s Sci-Fi Blockbuster Now Online!

That is a legend that originated from the folk, a fairy tale that belongs to several generations, the initial belief of countless people in heroes, that deity with a blue body, is about to take you on a new journey.

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Game Name: Aladdin
Game Type: Journey of the Apocalypse
Game Type: Cartoon Adventure
Adventure Index: ★★★★★

Game Description: Disney’s classic IP, an eternal masterpiece, a journey full of exoticism and magical adventures – “Aladdin” is a VR adventure game that Disney fans cannot miss! Join Aladdin as you traverse countless thrilling scenes, explore various rich environments one by one, from endless deserts, vibrant oases, to vast oceans, and more. Rub the magic lamp and fulfill your wildest dreams! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and hop on the magic carpet to save your beloved princess!

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Ever-changing scenes, highly detailed and immersive experience

An exhilarating storyline, clear and smooth visuals
Immersive exploration of dynamic environments and special effects
Exquisitely crafted with meticulous attention to detail
Luxurious special effects on par with Disney animations
Brand new VR sci-fi masterpiece “Aladdin”
Easily capture market attention
Four-minute high-definition trailer for a quick experience
Rapidly attract crowds, high footfall with high returns

Officially authorized Disney IP, A popular masterpiece, with strong audience appeal
June Fairy Tale Month, Let children have a blast in a fairy tale world