The Largest VR Experience Store Teleport in Russia

The Largest VR Experience Store Teleport in Russia

Nowadays, VR technology is becoming more mature and can be seen in many industries such as education, entertainment, healthcare, science popularization, sports, etc. We are delighted to be able to experience a variety of VR gaming simulators at Teleport in Russia, which greatly helps to promote the popularity of VR. In addition, people can experience the excitement of adventure indoors without having to engage in dangerous outdoor exploration activities.

9D Virtual Reality Theme Park

At Teleport, visitors can immerse themselves in some of the most exciting VR games. This amusement center features some of the most advanced VR equipment available on the market, including the 6 Seats VR Dark Mars, VR Mecha and Eagle Flight VR Game Machine from FuninVR.

As for the 6 Seats VR Dark Mars, it is a thrilling space adventure that takes you and five other people on a mission to save the universe from an alien threat. Another popular device is VR Mecha, an adrenaline-fueled adventure where players become giant robots and engage in intense battles, which is a great way to challenge your friends and see who has the skills to be the best player. Moreover, the Eagle Flight VR Game Machine enables you to experience the weightlessness of flight. The stunning experience lets you soar through the skies like an eagle, experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the City of Light from a bird’s-eye view.

With its advanced VR machine, Teleport provides visitors with an experience that will leave them breathless, engaged, and entertained. These VR games are not only fun but also offer a unique, immersive way to escape reality and enter new worlds. It’s no wonder why it has become such a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Therefore, if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more, Teleport may be a nice choice for you.

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