New Attraction VR Theme Park Gaming Machine in America

New Attraction VR Theme Park Gaming Machine in America

The progress of technology has brought significant changes to every sector in our society, and the entertainment industry is not left behind. One of the amusement parks in America now has new and exciting gaming equipment like Star Twin VR Seat and VR Racing Moto from FuninVR. It’s a great way for the young ones to spend time on these VR machines playing and interacting with other kids.

Interesting Amusement Park Equipment

VR game simulator comes with different gaming experiences, including shooting games, racing games, and adventure games, among others. Most importantly, the technology gives young players an opportunity to experience and participate in adventurous events in a safe environment and interact with the virtual world with ease. The virtual reality games take players to a different world, one that they may never have experienced before, thus giving them an immersive experience. Children with a keen interest in gaming will significantly benefit from the interactive experience of VR simulators.

Take VR Racing Moto as an example, it can let the players enjoy a fully simulated real racing experience, replicating the thrill and speed of motorcycle racing. Parents do not have to worry, as these gaming devices are designed and thoroughly tested before production to ensure player safety. Rather than racing on the streets, why not come to a VR experience store that has the latest gaming technology to enjoy real speed and passion while experiencing many magical scenes.

Item Value
Product Size 2.12*0.86*2.02m
Helmet Deepoon E3
Weight 290kg
Rated Load 100kg
Player 1
Number of Games VR6+1 Fun-coin
Measured of Power 0.7kw


With VR simulators, children visiting amusement parks in America can now have the opportunity to experience and participate in different adventurous events that they may have not experienced in real life. FuninVR has always been in a leading position in the VR field, with competitive products and comprehensive after-sales services. If you also want to open a VR experience store, please feel free to contact us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.