Experience the Most Exiting VR Games in Romania

Are you wondering where to go for fun? Now there has been the grand opening of a new VR experience store in IASI, Romania. The boss bought a significant quantity of VR game simulators and a 5D motion cinema from FuninVR, creating a robust selection of devices that not only cater to the desires of the local market but also offer visitors at the IASI mall a remarkably creative and boundlessly imaginative entertainment hub.

The strategic geographical location of the IASI shopping mall has further enhanced the allure of this Virtual Reality fun park. Serving as a multifaceted venue integrating shopping, entertainment, and recreational activities, the mall draws a substantial crowd of visitors. The introduction of the VR zone is poised to substantially boost foot traffic at the mall, presenting lucrative opportunities for the merchants.

Name E-Space VR Walk
Product Size 2.5*2.6*2.51m
Helmet PICO Neo 3pro
Weight 400KG
Rated Load 200KG
Player 1
Number of Games VR85+2Fun-coin games
Measured Power 0.45KW


Central to the collaboration between FuninVR is the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and gaming experiences. With VR arcade machines, players can completely engross themselves in a virtual realm and relish exhilarating gaming encounters to the fullest. And the 5D cinema revolutionizes the movie-watching experience by engendering immersive effects that transport the audience into realistic scenarios like gusts of wind, rain showers, thunderstorms, and flashes of lightning.

The emergence of VR amusement centers, rooted in the integration of modern technology and entertainment, not only introduces a fresh entertainment avenue for the local populace but also delivers supplementary value-added services to the mall. Reports have indicated a thriving business environment following the inauguration of the VR gaming center.

Looking ahead, one can anticipate the proliferation of more VR amusement parks akin to this one, offering even more heart-pounding and immersive entertainment encounters. Last but not least, remember to reach out to us for additional details on VR entertainment business.