Experience an Exciting Virtual Reality Playground in Vietnam

Recently, a loyal customer from Vietnam acquired an array of enthralling VR rides from FuninVR, encompassing VR Magic UFO, VR Interstellar, Magic FPS Arena, and Snipe Warrior. These installations not only injected innovation and exhilaration into the fun park but also delivered exclusive gaming encounters to its visitors.

The patron has consistently relied on FuninVR’s exemplary service and product excellence. Spanning 200 square meters, their arcade allots half of its space to VR equipment. This layout maximizes spatial efficiency, allowing ample room for visitors to freely navigate and immerse themselves in virtual reality. Complementing the VR installations, the remaining area accommodates doll machines and candy dispensers, catering to visitors with varying interests and enriching the overall diversity of the amusement park.

Thrilling and Exciting Shooting VR Games

The Magic FPS Arena is a classic VR shooting game simulator that offers a strong sense of immersion, with gameplay divided into red and blue zones where players can engage in cooperative combat with teammates. Additionally, Snipe Warrior allows players to experience immersive shooting gameplay without the need for a headset, simulating the authentic sensations of a real sniper. Players can engage in thrilling battlefield combat.

Moreover, FuninVR goes beyond mere equipment provision, offering customers specialized services. We don’t just supply 9d virtual reality equipment; we also provide expert venue layout design services. The entire design of the customer’s amusement park is intricately curated by the FuninVR team, guaranteeing that equipment placement and layout optimize visitor experience and enjoyment. This tailored service not only elevates the gaming experience for visitors but also boosts client satisfaction and loyalty. Customers opt for FuninVR due to our unparalleled service quality and product excellence.

Through the fusion of cutting-edge VR technology and imaginative venue design, this fun park has forged an unparalleled amusement park adventure. They not only fulfill the desires of their visitors but surpass expectations, presenting Vietnamese players with a fresh entertainment avenue. And if you’re considering launching your own VR zone, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further details anytime!