Exciting New VR Machine in India’s Amusement Park Thrill and Chill

Exciting New VR Machine in India’s Amusement Park Thrill and Chill

Located at Vrundavan Party Plot on the Morbi-Rajkot Highway in Morbi, Gujarat, one of our customers from India, Thrill & Chill promises to take its visitors on an unforgettable journey. It offers a comprehensive entertainment destination that combines trampolines, play zones, arcade games, bowling, and virtual reality (VR) equipment all under one roof. Launched in April 2023, this amusement park has already gained a reputation for its innovative and thrilling attractions.

VR Theme Park Equipment

There is no doubt that the VR machine is a highlight of the park such as VR Dark Mars, VR Racing Moto and VR Racing Kart from FuninVR brand. The VR Dark Mars is able to take the players on a thrilling ride through a set of challenging obstacles and high-speed chases. And as for the VR Racing Moto, it simulates a roller coaster ride in space where the riders are in control and can choose the direction of their ride. Moreover, the VR Racing Kart offers players the experience of racing a real go-kart, with the added benefit of being in a safe and controlled environment.

Thrill & Chill is the ultimate destination for families seeking a fun-filled day out, or for groups of friends and colleagues looking to bond over exciting activities. The park is designed to cater to people of all ages, with a special focus on children and young adults. Every element of the park has been carefully curated with safety and hygiene in mind, ensuring that visitors can have a worry-free and enjoyable experience.

All in all, Thrill & Chill is a must-visit destination for anyone who craves entertainment and adventure. With the continuous development of social productivity and scientific technology, the demand for VR technology is increasingly booming across all industries, especially in amusement park. And it’s worth mentioning that FuninVR has always been a leading brand in the VR industry, with advanced technology and comprehensive services. If you’re interested in VR products or want to start a VR experience store, feel free to contact us for consultation!