VR top stream is worthy of its name and new VR products are screaming non-stop

FuninVR, a leading brand in the VR industry, has achieved tremendous success during the exhibition, making it the unquestionable top player in the VR market. In Beijing, China, during the three-day exhibition, the venue was overflowing with visitors every day. FuninVR drew massive crowds with their immersive virtual reality experiences, establishing themselves as the go-to VR brand.

During the exhibition, FuninVR presented a wide range of VR equipment and experiences that captivated attendees and led to numerous on-site deals. Their VR games simulators, VR arcades, and VR theme park attractions brought excitement and thrill to all who tried them. FuninVR’s 9D VR chair and 9D simulator provided unparalleled immersion and excitement, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

▼ Throughout the exhibition, continuous sales ▼

What prompted numerous customers to sign orders directly at the exhibition? The answer lies in the abundance of surprises and incredible benefits! They couldn’t be missed! Stacked with exceptional benefits, A plethora of surprises, The entire range of Virtual Reality Game Simulators at distributor prices, The 5 Seats VR Magic Flying UFO available at a special price of 149,000 RMB, A complimentary cashier system and standard store materials…

Limited exhibition benefits, last day!

▼ The unstoppable popularity led to queues forming for the VR experience

What makes people willing to wait in such long queues? It must be incredibly fun! The VR game machines are trendy, cool, thrilling, and utterly addictive!

With a tremendous 180 square meters of space, FuninVR offers a diverse range of experiences, including leisure entertainment, extreme sports, and educational science. FuninVR made an exclusive appearance at this exhibition, showcasing multiple popular VR devices, which undoubtedly allowed exhibitors and customers to experience the true allure of VR and explore a more realistic VR world.

VR Marines: No need to squint at a small screen when you can immerse yourself in a virtual chicken dinner! VR can also facilitate online multiplayer battles! FuninVR’s latest development, the VR eSports product, enables players to engage in exhilarating battles within the hyper-realistic metaverse! Say farewell to smartphones and embrace the limitless freedom of immersive space. Engage in multiplayer battles or challenge others in parent-child online matches!

▼ Multiplayer spectating leads to queues for experiences ▼

What game caused people at the event to exclaim, “Wow! Amazing!”? The most requested game! Its fun and adorable nature attracted a significant number of visitors! The fortunate exhibitors at this event had the opportunity to experience FuninVR’s newly developed casual puzzle game, which made its debut at the exhibition. With its charming and dreamy visuals, it captures the heart of players. Paired with the VR Marines experience, players can move forward, backward, rotate 360°, and effortlessly jump using the controllers. It is a simple operation suitable for both kids and adults, guaranteeing a fulfilling experience!

Monthly updates with high-quality games FuninVR collaborates with top global IPs such as Disney, Super Wings, and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf to attract consumer groups from various demographics. They independently develop high-quality games every month and continuously procure popular games to provide players with an enjoyable experience. This strategy helps businesses retain existing users and expand their user base, achieving a true win-win cooperation.

To fully embrace the potential of the VR industry, FuninVR incorporated the concept of the VR metaverse into their exhibition. Their VR arcades served as gateways to this immersive and interconnected virtual world. Through their state-of-the-art virtual reality equi