FuninVR Shines at the 15th GTI Asia China Expo 2023

During the 15th GTI Asia China Expo on September 11-13, 2023, FuninVR showcased over ten captivating VR rides, attracting a large number of visitors who eagerly lined up to experience them. What’s even more exciting is that many potential customers visited the booth in person and placed orders on the spot.

Continuous order placement with abundant offers

As a company focused on virtual reality technology, FuninVR gained significant attention at the expo due to its exceptional products and excellent services. The displayed VR devices provided an unforgettable and immersive experience for visitors, who could wear VR headsets and be transported to virtual worlds, feeling as if they were truly part of the experience.

These VR game simulators encompassed a wide range of themes and gameplay, allowing players to explore different realms of enjoyment. Some devices simulated extreme sports, providing players with the thrills of high speeds and daring heights. Other devices offered immersive adventure experiences, enabling players to traverse treacherous worlds like true explorers. Moreover, some devices focused on education and training, making learning more engaging and dynamic through virtual reality technology.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors eagerly queued to experience these captivating virtual reality equipment. People of all ages, from young to old, were drawn to this cutting-edge technology. With smiles on their faces, they excitedly ventured and explored the virtual worlds.

As a market showcase and business negotiation event combined, the activities at the expo will continue. FuninVR’s sales team enthusiastically engaged with customers, offering them the most favorable distribution prices, resulting in a continuous stream of transactions. Both visitors and businesses could find their interests and opportunities here. FuninVR provided participants with an unforgettable VR experience through its outstanding products and services.

In summary, FuninVR attracted a significant number of visitors who experienced and ordered their VR devices at the 15th GTI Asia China Expo, showcasing the charm and potential of virtual reality technology. With the continuous development of this technology, VR is believed to continue playing a crucial role in entertainment, education, and other fields. If you are interested in VR entertainment, please feel free to contact us anytime.