Funinvr exhibited vr equipment at SCO Expo

Zhuoyuan shines on the world stage once again! Representing the nation to showcase the image of a technological powerhouse!

“We are here to rock the house with our VR Machines!”

From June 15th to 18th, the 2023 Shanghai Cooperation Organization International Investment and Trade Expo (referred to as “SCO Expo”) will be grandly held at the SCO International Exhibition Center in Qingdao. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, also known as the SCO, is an intergovernmental international organization composed of eight countries including China. It is currently the most populous, geographically extensive, and potentially rich cross-regional multilateral organization. It has made significant contributions to maintaining regional security and stability, and promoting common development and prosperity.

Zhuoyuan X SCO Expo:

Empowering Chinese brands,

Facing the world, moving towards the future

This Expo is the largest and most prestigious comprehensive exhibition since the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization 22 years ago. It focuses on areas such as new energy, smart agriculture, cross-border e-commerce, biotechnology, smart homes, and healthy living. The exhibition area for this event is approximately 44,000 square meters, inviting 240 domestic and foreign institutions and companies from 25 countries to jointly appreciate the magnificence of a great nation and feel the pulse of the times.

Representing the nation to showcase the image of a technological powerhouse

As a specially invited VR brand for the SCO Expo, funinvr naturally cannot miss this opportunity. Funinvr not only represents the VR industry but also showcases our country’s technological strength, spreading Chinese science, technology, and culture to 25 countries, allowing more foreigners to understand Chinese products. Learn about virtual reality equipment. It is committed to promoting Chinese technology overseas.

Joining hands to promote Chinese scientific and technological culture

The excitement on-site is beyond imagination

Confidently returning to the SCO Expo, funinvr, being at the forefront of the industry, brings even more impressive VR game simulators. The moment they appear on stage, all eyes are drawn to them. Funinvr has a range of astonishing and popular VR devices, allowing participants to experience the thrill of space adventures (9D VR chair), electronic sports (racing car), extreme sports (VR roller coaster), and educational science (9D egg VR cinema) through VR technology.

Cutting-edge and captivating VR technology,

whether in terms of design or performance,

emanates charm from all aspects,

captivating the audience’s attention,

people eagerly wait in line to experience it.