Innovative Business Mode with 9D VR Simulator in Santo Domingo

In the capital city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a renowned hotel recently added the latest VR gaming machines from FuninVR, offering guests an unparalleled entertainment experience. The hotel’s owners purchased four VR devices from FuninVR, including VR Dark Mars, VR Racing Moto, VR Racing Kart, and 360°VR Simulator, to provide a diverse range of recreational options.

The introduction of VR (Virtual Reality) technology has created a whole new dimension of entertainment within the hotel’s lobby. Guests can immerse themselves in virtual worlds and experience realistic scenarios and thrilling games. VR Dark Mars allows players to experience the excitement of a roller coaster ride; VR Racing Moto offers an exhilarating motorcycle racing experience; VR Racing Kart provides a lifelike go-kart driving enjoyment, while the 360°VR Simulator allows guests to explore virtual environments from any angle.

These VR equipment are placed in the hotel’s lobby, offering not only a new form of entertainment for guests but also an opportunity for interactive experiences with family and friends. Whether young or old, guests can find VR games suited to their preferences, allowing everyone to indulge in the fun.

What’s more, this hotel enjoys a prime location attracting a large number of tourists and business travelers. Now, in addition to comfortable accommodations and high-quality services, the hotel provides a distinctive entertainment experience. It has become a highlight of the journey, enticing more people to choose their stay.

FuninVR, a well-known supplier of VR game simulator, is committed not only to providing exceptional entertainment experiences for individual players but also offering a diverse range of VR devices for commercial venues. This collaboration with Santo Domingo Hotel allows more people to embrace VR technology and experience its joy, while providing innovative business solutions for the hotel industry, creating greater appeal and attracting more visitors.