Dive into Fun with Virtual Reality Machines in Russia

A recently inaugurated VR gaming center has commenced operations in the bustling hallways of the shopping center. The owner of this store from Russia has promptly procured three state-of-the-art VR machines, namely VR Battleship, VR Fighter Aircraft and VR Racing Kart, drawing in a multitude of patrons keen on testing them out. Matching arcade machines, this VR store has swiftly emerged as one of the most sought-after new destinations within the shopping center.

The grand opening of this fun zone has sparked immense excitement throughout the mall, attracting throngs of eager patrons. The innovative VR experiences on offer have captivated the imaginations of countless visitors, beckoning them into a realm of unparalleled adventure within the virtual landscape.

Firstly, VR Battleship plunges players into lifelike animated environments, providing a deeply immersive sensory journey. Secondly, VR Fighter Aircraft replicates the exhilarating sensation of navigating combat planes through intense aerial skirmishes. Thirdly, VR Racing Kart delivers the adrenaline rush of high-speed racing, enabling players to experience the thrill of velocity and competition.

Product Name VR Battleship
Helmet DeepoonE3
Weight 444kg
Players 2
Rated Load 300kg
Measured Power 1.5kw
Product Size 2400*1751*2188mm
Number of Games VR 33+8 Fun-coin games

Furthermore, the introduction of these 9dvr simulators has markedly boosted pedestrian flow within the mall, drawing a consistent influx of patrons eager to partake in the immersive experiences they offer. As a result, this VR store has solidified its position as a prominent attraction within the mall, contributing to its heightened appeal and foot traffic.

All in all, this successful VR business case unquestionably signifies another triumph for virtual reality technology in the entertainment industry. Simultaneously, it introduces fresh business prospects and expansion opportunities for the mall. Finally, if you are considering establishing your own VR gaming center, do not hesitate to reach out to FuninVR for further details and consultation!